UFO - Single Ply Art Handspun Art Yarn Tailspun Sheep Locks

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 I spun this with a low twist to get a nice and fluffy single with a mix of sheep locks on a yummy merino base. UFO was wound into a 2yard hank, washed in a lavender scented wool wash and hung to dry without any weights.

Yarn specs:
88yards 80m
 bulky weight
merino, teeswater, lincoln, angelina


Handspun yarn ships on the next business day!


I store my yarn and fiber in plastic totes (away from the bunnies and the dog) with lavender sachets and I rinse in a lavender scented wool wash to scare of any bugs, I only say this because some people are sensitive to smells like this.

This yarn will felt, be careful when washing if this isn't your intention. 

Handspun in NYC by Alexander Reynoso

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