Made to Order Tailspun Yarn Custom Art Yarn 6oz Teeswater , Suri Alpaca, Border Leicester, Gotland

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Email or DM me on instagram @alexcreates with your inspiration pictures, like the last two pictures above. I will then gather wool in those colors and spin yarn for you!

I'm open to work with whatever idea you have in mind for your projects. 

-Expect 3week turnaround time

-Expect something unique and of quality

Tailspun is a technique of art yarn that leaves the locks/curls that naturally form on sheep intact. The end result is a fabric that looks like fun colorful sheepskin. 

The core yarn will be made from merino, targhee or any other soft wool breed.

The locks will be teeswater, gotland, border leicester or any other sheep locks that I can get my hands on.

Handspun by Alexander Reynoso

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