textured art batts in mystery van

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carded on a vintage Canadian drum carder to preserve the curly sheep or goat locks tucked in between layers of domestic merino and hand-dyed bamboo.  Natural colored farm fluff like alpaca, cvm, shetland, Finn, and Gotland are packed in the middle of the batts for a farmy feel and additional body for the yarn. Spin these batts as a skinny single then ply creativity for a lightweight art yarn or core spin and autowrap for chunky yarn. 


1 batt per listing total of 1.2oz of fiber

hydrangea is composed of: natural brown alpaca, hand-dyed bamboo and green wool for body.



You'll receive a batt in the color family, you will not have the choice to select one from the batch. 


Hand-dyed, carded and processed by Alexander Reynoso