Ceramic Round Squiggle Buttons 2cm

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 Dimensions- .75in 2cm

I make buttons in big batches after rolling out a slab of clay, adding texture to the slab with a roller. Using a cookie cutter, I cut out the tiny button shapes, poke two holes into the center of each shape with a ballpoint pen. I clean up the edges and holes to ensure that everything is smooth and won't cut yarn or garments. They are then put away to slowly dry. Once bone dry, I glue them to a cookie (a little plate used in the kiln for tiny things) so I can then hand paint two glazes to get fun color combinations over the textures. They are then fired in a glaze kiln and are ready to be used in about 36hrs.

Hand washing and air drying are recommended.


Handmade by AlexCreates aka Alexander Reynoso in NYC