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Tie Dyeing Workshops BYOG ( Bring your own garments) Bronx tie dye class

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During this workshop, students will learn 5 ways to add resists (ties) to fabric to prepare them for dyes. We will be using Fiber Reactive dyes in this workshop. These dyes need to cure/sit for at least 24hr to ensure that they have permanently adhered to the fabric or garments.

Please arrive early, it's a short 3hr class and you will get messy for most of it, dress in clothes that you don't mind getting dye or water on. I will have samples for the techniques for you too look at and quick demonstrations on the folds and process of each.

Bring 5 garments (or yards of fabric) composed of at least 50% cotton, rayon or silk. Look at the garment tag to make sure this is the case! 

After the class, you'll have the option to take your dyed pieces home to be washed after the 24hr or leave them at the studio to be washed and mailed out or picked up during the week for a fee/postage. You'll leave with the knowledge and skills to go home and do this on your own!

This hands-on workshop will be held at 175 Walnut Ave, Bronx NY 10454. Close to public transportation and ample parking in the area.

My studio is located on the 2nd floor of a building. If you need to go up in an elevator please let me know in an email ( and I'll accommodate for you.

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