Celia Cruz 91st Birthday Yarnbomb East Harlem by AlexCreates

In 2015, the Celia Cruz novela came out on Telemundo, I loved it and rarely missed an episode(slowly rewatching it on Netflix now!). When it was ending I came up with the idea to make a yarnbomb in her honor. I failed and decided do something for her birthday the next year instead.


Most yarn is Lion Brand acrylic with the exception of the orange(loops and threads) wig. 

Location- 120th and Park Ave 

I hope this yarnbomb lighten up the day of those that pass by it. 

Try and live your each day as if you were Celia singing Bemba Colora live. AZUCAR!\


Crochet by Alexander Reynoso

Installed by Alexander Reynoso, Jeanely Reynoso and Cristal Pantaleon (Thank you)!

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I rewatched finished coiple days ago azukar!


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