Welcome to the new website!!

Thank you so much for stopping by the new website! Now down to business and play! 

The website is up and running but now perfect, I'm expecting bumps in the road but so happy that I made the switch. I will be adding more wearables and handspun slowly throughout the season.


Here's the wall hanging I promised you all!


As some of you may know, unlike more fiber/textile business owners I'm pretty young, I'll be 19 in September. I originally went to college for Agriculture Business Management, half way through the semester I was 100% sure I was in the wrong major and school. That being said I looked into what would be the best fit for myself and I learned that art school and fiber or textile major would be something I would enjoy studying. Apply to art school without a portfolio is a big mistake and waste of time and money, so I'll be sharing a bunch of my portfolio pieces here on the new website along with a handful of free patterns.


Artist statement-

In this wall hanging I'm illustrating the transition from negative to positive that derogatory terms take within an oppressed group. The first time "Fag" was use towards me was in 2nd or 3rd grade, being an ESL student I actually thought that he was referring to my weight, it wasn't until 5th-6th grade that I came to realise my sexuality. Words like fag,fat,nigga,jew and gypsy were and are still under as negative slurs. But I've started to notice a changing, people that would normally be affected by these words started to identify with these words. 

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Alex love the new website very cool
. About the weaving was there a purpose in the distance between the F ? AG
Love it it is very cool!


Please explain a bit more about how you made the wall hanging. As a weaver, it isn’t always apparent to me what other types of skills are involved. :-)


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