Knitflix and Chill- August 2017

Knitflix and Chill- August 2017

August 2017 was a weird month, I started to freelance as a fiber artist accidentally...

I left one job to go to one with more consistent hours but the new job didn't work out. I realized this was my chance, I've been looking into studios to have a workspace for AlexCreates outside of my apartment but this was my chance to dedicate my time 100% to AlexCreates! I decided to give it a try for the month, I would be off from school, wouldn't be traveling and no longer had a job. Working from home meant lots of podcasts, tv, radio, Netflix, Hulu, and Skillshare classes. Below is a list of all the shows, movies, and documentaries I watched and liked while spinning, crocheting or knitting. 



Taste of the County- This reality tv show is on a farm that host weddings. It reminds me of shows on TLC, I watched it in two days! I recommend it but don't really have much to say on it.

Sing- An animated movie about a singing competition a Koala puts together to save his failing theater. It's pretty funny! 

Message From The King- A Netflix original action movie about a brother that goes to LA to find his sister. It's full of violence but you instantly feel empathy for the main character. 

Iris- A biographical documentary about Iris Apfel, a fashion icon in her 90s.This was a rewatch because I needed some inspiration for a yarnbomb. I would watch this badass old lady a 3rd time.  

Naked- I mean it's a movie with Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall, need I say more? I do actually, it's an OK romantic comedy. I watched it completely which is why it's on this list but I wouldn't rewatch the plot is stretched out to an hour and a half but at 45mins you don't understand why things aren't moving along.

Atypical- This comedic Netflix original series is about the struggles a teen boy on the autism spectrum and his family go through while he starts dating a girl in his school.  The reviews for this show are all over the place but I watched anyway. It was a different lens on autism but autism isn't the same for everyone which is why it got so much hate. I watched it in a day and I really hope it gets renewed. 

What Happened to Monday-  2hrs of a Netflix Original action thriller! Just watch it, please!! Set in the future where the government has placed a strict one child policy, septuplets sisters need to find their missing sister without blowing their cover. That's all I'm going to say but watch it and let me know what you think.

Beautiful Creatures- I only wanted to watch this because my Bday twin Emmy Rossum was in it. She doesn't get much screen time but it's an interesting supernatural movie based on a book. 

The Carmichael Show- I watched an episode of Chelsea where she interviewed Jerrod Carmichael, they spoke a lot on his sitcom covers a handful of tough social topics in light comedic tone. Topics include Trump, gender, guns, ex-convected felons, gentrification and much more. Watch both seasons in two days, I think Hulu has S3. It reminds me of Meet the Paynes and George Lopez. 

Disjointed- I saw the trailer for this show on Facebook and marked it on my calendar because I knew it was going to AMAZING!!! Kathy Bates stars in this series as the owner of a marijuana dispensary in California. Full of laughs and also tough topics like PTSD but everything is center about marijuana. They added trippy in between scenes so you may want to be high for these.  I watched this over four days, there are only ten 28min episodes so it can easily be a day binge but I was supposed to watch it with friends...

AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock- I watched this documentary knowing that DAPL is already in place and this battle was lost. But it was a different perspective than what I was able to see through social media since this was recorded over the many days of peaceful protest. It kind of left me in a limbo, but it's on this list because it was history we witnessed and I know this isn't the full story but it's more than I knew before.



The Mick-   A comedy show on an aunt taking care of her sister's 3 kids. The kids are used to living a luxury life and that was through upside down when their parents flee the country to avoid the FBI. SUPER FUNNY! New season starting on FOX soon, I'll watch it religiously. It reminds me of Shameless.

The Good Place- Yet another comedy show on this list. This one about what happens to Eleanor Shellstrop in the afterlife. what the fork?!

Difficult People- I watch this each time a new episode shows up on Hulu. Two NYC comedians struggle to get comedy gigs when juggling love life, their real jobs, and family. It's beautifuly vulgar- love it!


Have you watched any of theses? Did you like them? What would you recommend for September?

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